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Yim Tin Tsai

Arts and culture village (Half-day course)



Yim Tin Tsai is a 300- year- old Sai Kung Hakka settlement, which was once home to more than 200 villagers from over 40 households. When the last family moved out in the 90's, it was deserted until indigenous villager Chan Chung-yin returned from Britain and was elected village head in 1999. Chan has been working hard to revitalise Yim Tin Tsai since then. On weekends, the island receives a lot of visitors, who are interested mainly in visiting the renovated St Joseph's Chapel, built in 1890, and tasting homemade Hakka dishes.
Yim Tin Tsai is one of very few Hakka villages in Hong Kong with a Catholic heritage, including St Joseph's Chapel and the former residence of Rev. Dominic Chan Chi-ming, Vicar General of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese. Village head Chan Chung-yin has been actively promoting the restoration of Yim Tin Tsai. Chan said, "We really hope to preserve Yim Tin Tsai's unique setting, where religion, culture, tourism, ecology and leisure come together." Most of the Hakka houses were built in the 1950's and 1960's. Surrounded by trees, the houses back onto verdant hills. Natural light and ventilation help maintain a comfortable and natural living environment.

A round-island walk will take you to St Joseph's Chapel, Hakka village houses, an exhibition centre, the Yuk Tai Bridge and mangrove beds, before arriving at another major highlight of the trip: salt pans. Village head Chan Chung-yin said, "The salt pans looked after the villagers' domestic needs and provided a source of income in the early years, but the operation ended probably in 1920. We successfully revived the salt pans a few years ago." The chapel and the restored salt pans received Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards in 2005 and 2016, respectively.



Half-day Course to Yim Tin Tsai


How to get there:

By ferry from Sai Kung Pier

First to take public transport and get off at Sai Kung minibus/ bus terminal. Take the kaito runs between Sai Kung Pier and Yim Tin Tsai, which takes 15 minutes to reach the island. (Service only available on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday).

The Salt and Light Preservation Centre – Yim Tin Tsai (Reception Counter)

Enquiries: 2791 6226

Tips: Weekend store and cafe operate on weekend and public holidays. Remember to bring along sunglasses and sun cap.  



How to Explore Yim Tin Tsai


travel route

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Video of Yim Tin Tsai






Key of Attraction

Don't forget to take your time to visit them !!


Yim Tin Tsai Pier

Village office

Village houses

St. Joseph's Chapel

Chapel hall

Ching Po School

Heritage Exhibition Centre

Jade-Gridle Bridge



The village

Hakka Cha Guo



Location Map of Yim Tin Tsai




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