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Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
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  Geopark > National Geopark of China
  Geopark > National Geopark of China

Geopark > National Geoparks of China

  In the National Geopark of China logo, the circle represents the Earth, the green mountain constitutes the "moluntain" in hieroglyphic writing, and the river in the middle constitutes the "water" in hieroglyphic writing, thus representing the mountains and rivers of China. The dinosaur represents aspects of the geopark other than rocks, such as wildlife and fossils.

Covering such a large area, China is rich in geological resources and its geoparks have been developing rapidly, over 200 national geoparks established and approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources. To become a National Geopark of China, a geopark has to fulfill a comprehensive set of regulations and requirements. Candidate geoparks are assessed by professionals from the National Government. Successful candidates are designated National Geoparks.

UNESCO Global Geoparks in China

Huangshan Geopark
Mount Lushan Geopark
Yuntaishan Geopark
Stone Forest Geopark
Danxiashan Geopark
Zhangjiajie Sandstone Peak
Forest Geopark
Wudalianchi Geopark
Songshan Geopark
Yandangshan Geopark
Taining Geopark
Hexigten Geopark
(Inner Mongolia)
Xingwen Geopark
Mount Taishan Geopark
Wangwushan-Daimeishan Geopark
Leiqiong Geopark
Fangshan Geopark
Jingpohu Geopark
Funiushan Geopark
Longhushan Geopark
Zigong Geopark
Qinling Geopark
Alxa Geopark
(Inner Mongolia)
Leye-Fengshan Geopark
Ningde Geopark
Tianzhushan Geopark
Sanqingshan Geopark
Hong Kong Geopark
(Hong Kong)
Sennongjia Geopark
Yanqing Geopark
Dali-Cangshan Geopark
Mount Kunlun Geopark
Zhijindong Cave
Dunhuang Geopark
Arxan Geopark
(Inner Mongolia)
Keketuohai Geopark
Guangwushan-Nuoshuihe Geopark
Huanggang Dabieshan Geopark


(Last updated in April 2018)

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