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Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
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Geopark > Planning & Protection Principles

Hong Kong is a unique city in many ways, not least because of the proximity and contrast of a bustling city with extensive natural areas. Our well protected, well managed country parks provide room for ample leisure activities, adding to our quality of life and permitting a green environment throughout much of Hong Kong. Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark arose from the successful country park system, bringing new impetus to local nature conservation and serving as an important platform to promote science popularisation.

The geopark is a new management concept. Some people are concerned that the establishment of a geopark may cause damage to the environment, but the opposite is true:

  • Important geological sites are legally protected under the Country Parks Ordinance and Marine Parks Ordinance.
  • Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is oriented to nature conservation, education and sustainable development, so any unnecessary facilities that could have a negative impact on the environment are not allowed.

Geographical layout of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Located in the eastern part of Hong Kong and extended from the northeast New Territories to the Sai Kung area, Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is a single entity where sites and landscapes of international significance are holistically managed with the support of local communities and other geopark stakeholders.

One Park Two Regions  
Hong Kong
1. Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region Showcases globally rare hexagonal rock columns High Island Ninepin Group
Sharp Island Ung Kong Group
2. Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region Displays various sedimentary rocks up to four hundred million years old Bluff Head – Port Island Tolo Channel
Double Haven Tung Ping Chau

Each global geopark is managed and planned a little differently. The main focus in Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is on nature conservation and science popularisation. The geopark is therefore divided into three protection areas with different levels of protection:

Protection level Characteristics / functions Examples
Core Protection Area In order to protect important geological heritage and prevent accidents due to strong waves and steep cliffs, visitors are not encouraged to land in these places. Sightseeing is suitable only from a boat on calm summer days.

Ninepin Group, Bluff Head and Port Island
Special Protection Area These areas have basic visitor facilities and are suitable for science-popularization activities.

Ma Shi Chau, Lai Chi Chong
Integrated Protection Area High carrying capacity and comprehensive tourism facilities make these areas ideal destinations for outings.

High Island Reservoir East Dam, Lai Chi Wo, Tung Ping Chau and Sharp Island

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