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  Lai Chi Chong
  Lai Chi Chong
  Lai Chi Chong

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Land Excursion

Lai Chi Chong Geosite

Western shore of Lai Chi Chong pier showcases rare volcanic sedimentary rocks and a wide variety of sedimentary structures, such as rhythmic bedding, graded bedding, convolute structure and slump structures. Visitors should take extra care when treading on loose rocks, and wet and slippery surfaces. Outcropped rocks are more visible at low tide, so the tidal information should be checked before setting off.

Recommended Route

Recommended Route


1. Tuffite
2. Conglomerate tuff
3. Volcanic sedimantary rocks
4. Rhythmic bedding 5. Convolute bedding
6.Slump bedding
7. Load structure
8. Boulder beach
9. Large fold

How to get there

A ferry sails directly to Lai Chi Chong from Ma Liu Shui (Shatin) or Wong Shek Pier (Sai Kung)(enquiries : 2527 2513).

To go by road, take green minibus no. 7 in Sai Kung Market and get off at Pak Sha O. Get on the hill path and walk for 3.5 km. A large area of rock is exposed at low tide. Even at high tide, you can see many outcrops and sedimentary features on the west coast near the pier.

Enquiry: 2272 2000 / 2272 2022

Remarks: Visitors should note the tidal levels and beware of slippery rock surface.




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