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Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
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  Geo Tours > Safety is important
  Geo Tours > Safety is important

Geo Tours  > Safety is important

Geopark is a safe place to visit, however, visitors are advised to exercise caution and avoid areas with potential danger such as cliff or steep slope. In addition, the rocks of some coastal areas have become loose under the prolong erosion by waves and weathering. Visitors should beware of these environmental limitations.  Stay cautious and attend experienced, high quality tours which place safety first whenever possible.

[ Safety Guidelines for Visiting the Geosites ]

Prior to your visit to geopark, you are suggested to observe the weather forecast before planning for the itinerary. If there is inclement weather or thunderstorm warning during your visit, please adjust or terminate your journey for safety reasons. Some boat tour visitors may suffer from seasickness or feeling uncomfortable in stormy waves. Visitors should follow the advice of the tour guide or the boat captain and adjust their journey in response to unfavourable circumstances. The access of some geological locations is affected by tides. Visitors are advised not to take any risk to go to these locations to avoid being stranded. There is always a better time to revisit. Always remember: Safety First.

Hints for Nature Appreciation

Hints for Nature Appreciation
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Safety is important
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